7.63 Mauser Ammo

JEK Incorporated PO Box 334 Berwick, LA 70342 Phone: (985) 395-9230 Fax: 985.395.9231 Ammo question – can the 7.63 Mauser ammo be used in the 7.62 x 25 Tok, TT33 or M57. Cleaning out the closet:WTS 7.63 Mauser Ammo (Broomhandle) -532 Rds. This cartridge headspaces on the shoulder of the case. Factory loads: at present, the only cartridges I know of that are currently available for the .30/7.63mm Mauser, are those made by Fiocchi. The one in the pink box is FN nickel bullets, and the other is tombac bullet w/ no.

The 7.63×25mm Mauser (.30 Mauser Automatic) round was the original ammunition of the Mauser C96 service pistol. I picked up a box of 7.63 Mauser ammo for my C-96 Mausers at a gun show last weekend. The 7.63 x 25mm Mauser was introduced in 1893 by Hugo Borchardt of the U.S.A. and was adopted for the 7.63x25mm Mauser Broomstick Pistol in 1893 I picked this stuff over the weekend at a gun show. The 50 rounds of ammo was in a FIOCCHI box with a sticker stating “Distributed by Suffolk. I am asking because of the severve shortage of defensive/non-FMJ.
This is a gun for sale, gun

I was wondering if it is good ammo
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